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  /    /  Electrolysis


Electrolysis was one of the first methods of permanent hair reduction. This hair removal treatment is suitable for most areas on the body and hair types.

Electrolysis removes hair while promoting lesser, finer hair growth over time.* It works by passing a small amount of energy (a current) into your hair follicle through a very fine probe. This then produces a chemical reaction that destroys the cells at the base of the hair. Each hair is probed individually and then removed using tweezers.

This hair reduction treatment can be used to treat most areas on your face and body, but electrolysis is best suited for treating small localised areas such as your upper lip, chin, eyebrows, the midline of your stomach, bikini and your areola.

Electrolysis can also be used to treat red veins of the face (see RVT) and ingrown hairs.

10min (minimum charge)      $20
15min      $25
30min      $40
45min      $52

skin tag removal (consultation required)